One Order.  One Delivery.  Many Farms.

We Get Local!


Southwest Farm Fresh connects you with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients from the best local farms.

From desert to mountain meadow, from heirloom peaches to crisp butterhead lettuce, Southwest Farm Fresh connects you with the freshest and highest quality ingredients from the best local farms.

Enrollment is free and easy – Contact Us and Kendra Brewer, our General Manager, will get back to you about becoming a wholesale customer of the cooperative.

How does our wholesale ordering system work?

On Mondays the cooperative receives the product list from our member-farmers and gets a weekly product list out to our wholesale accounts.   A staff member will contact you to take your order, or you can send us your order via email, text or phone call.  Farms are sent individual orders to pick fresh, and on delivery day, the Southwest Farm Fresh (SWFF) delivery truck gathers produce from farms in the morning and arrives on your doorstep in the afternoon, with all your orders and a single invoice.

As a farmer owned cooperative, you won't be losing your relationships with farms, only strengthening them as  Southwest Farm Fresh Cooperative streamlines the nuts and bolts of ordering, invoicing, and delivery.  You can keep your favorite farm suppliers, and the transparency of the SWFF service promotes stronger communities and an easier workload on our farmers!

Product availability is subject to the seasons, but Southwest Farm Fresh takes your needs into consideration and coordinates with our member farms to ensure the most seamless supply possible.  Our product list usually features staples like salad greens, carrots, kale, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, and outrageous cherry tomatoes.  A broad array of regional specialties can include heirloom peaches and apples, pickling cucumbers, shishito peppers, and microgreens.

Mark Mitteis of SongHaven Farm