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Become a Harvest Share Member Today!

Now taking orders for Fall Shares!

Starting October 17th - December 5th (skipping Thanksgiving week)

  • Enjoy 7 weeks of wonderfully fresh, safe and delicious local foods, all grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides! You will get incredible salad mix, crisp cucumbers, sweet carrots, winter squash, decedent apples and so much more. We even have options for local pastured meats, cheeses and ferments!

  • Support and connect with a collective of passionate small farmers that steward the land to increase soil, watershed and ecosystem health for all!

  • Keep your money in your local economy!

  • Enjoy convenient and fun weekly pickups in Cortez.

  • Make cooking exciting with seasonal, colorful, super-fresh fruits and veggies, and buttery pasture-raised meats. Even your kids will love our veggies, made super sweet by our cool Colorado nights.

  • Receive our weekly locavore newsletter full of recipes, tips, and stories from the farms growing your food.

  • Become a part of your food community. Become a Harvest Share Member!


The Weekly Share Experience:

As a shareholder you’ll receive a weekly newsletter a couple days in advance of pickup telling you what’s in the harvest, as well as recipes and techniques to make the most of your share. Then, you pickup your already harvested veggies at your designated location and time and enjoy the bounty! If you can’t make your regular pickup, you can schedule to pick up your share later that week or arrange to have a friend or family member pick it up.

The Details:

  • What: 7 weeks of incredibly fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits grown by our member-owner farmers. Fall harvest shares rotate through a variety of seasonal crops from the middle of October to the first week in December, skipping Thanksgiving week. Your share will include an arrangement of salad greens, kale, spinach, apples, carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, pears, beets, micro-greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and much more. We even have options for pastured meats, cheeses and ferments!

  • Where:

    • Cortez: Warehouse location, 30 N Beech St Unit B

  • When: Mid October to Early December

    • Cortez: Thursdays 4:00-6:00pm Starting October 17th

  • Share Size and Price:

    • Regular Shares: Good for about two to three people. Fall Harvest Share: $294

    • See below for other share options!

    • SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks can be used to purchase a Harvest Share! To find out more about using SNAP for a Harvest Share, contact Kendra Schafer at swff.csa@gmail.com or at ‭(970) 739-4898‬


Other Share Options:

James Ranch Cheese Share:

  • Each week you will receive a rotation of artisan cheese from James Ranch in Durango including Belford (Young, Mature, and Reserve), Leydon, Colorado Blue and other varieties as available. Price: $70

The Living Tree Ferment Share:

  • New this year! Ferment Share from The Living Tree in Durango will include: 32 oz growler of kombucha, PLUS 16 oz fermented sauerkraut and/or kimchi varieties (like pineapple kimchi!) each week. The kombucha will be a different exciting flavor each week such as blueberry/basil or lemon/ginger. Price: $122

Value Veggie Harvest Share:

  • New this year! Our Value Harvest share will be a variety of 5 to 8 produce options each week that still have the same integrity, nutrition and flavor as our normal share option but may be have some cosmetic blemishes and some irregularities that make it different then produce you would find at the grocery store. This share will be perfect for a family of 3 or more looking to get a deal on locally grown produce, that don’t mind a few bumps, blemishes, and differences in size and shape. This share will have less variety in items but higher quantity of each item. Price: $227

    The Value Harvest Share will rotate through a variety of seasonal crops from the middle of October to December, including: salad greens, kale, spinach, eggplants, potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, apples, and more!

Locally Raised Meat Share:

  • New this year! Our rancher-members are working together to bring you the best of the best pasture-raised and finished beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. There will be 2 boxes (one each month, October and November) with an array of your favorite cuts, and a few new things to try along the way. Your box will contain beef, lamb, pork and chicken. The Local Meat Share box is an excellent way to try many of the different offerings of local meat as well as get to see a few new cuts that perhaps you’ve never had before.

    You can expect to see some combination of the following in your share box:

    Beef: Steaks, roasts, short ribs, rack of ribs, brisket, ground. (Cedar Mesa Ranch)

    Lamb: Leg of lamb, leg steaks, arm roasts, chops, shank, stew, neck, ribs, ground. (Red Canyon Farm and Haycamp Farm)

    Pork: Chops, fresh or cured hams, fresh roasts, ribs, bacon, fresh side, ham steaks, brats, sausage, ground, hocks. (Berto Farm and Bountiful Ridge Farm)

    Chicken: Whole chickens! (Bountiful Ridge Farm)

    • Regular: This meat share is good for about two people, depending on individual eating habits. This will be around 18 lbs. of meat broken out over the two month deliveries. This breaks down to about 8-9 lbs of local meat each month. Regular Local Meat Share: $214.50

There are a limited number of shares available so please sign-up early!

What is a harvest share?

Southwest Farm Fresh is a cooperative venture between many small farms in Southwest Colorado. Like generations of farmers before us, we believe in working together as collaborators instead of as competitors. By working together, we can provide our customers with an incredible array of amazing food from our region.

Traditionally called a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), the Harvest Share is a program where you subscribe by paying upfront for a share of the farms’ produce at the beginning of the season. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and the consumer. In this case, the harvest shares provide working capitol for the cooperative to purchase needed materials and pay our staff at the beginning of the growing season. In return, our farmer-owners dedicate themselves to growing your produce and providing you with fresh, flavorful, and bountiful vegetables.

At Southwest Farm Fresh we believe in bridging the gap between food producers and food consumers so we make every effort to build community and connection between our farmer producers and our shareholders. We send out weekly newsletters highlighting that week’s share of goodies, farm photos, stories, recipes and more. Shareholders can meet the farmers at the weekly Harvest Share pickups and at on-farm events throughout the season. Know your farmers and know your food!

Please check out our Farm Directory page and get to know your farmers!


More Questions?

Please contact our CSA Coordinator Kendra Schafer at swff.csa@gmail.com or call her at 970-739-4898